School's Mission : The school will enable students to excel in academics and also recognize their full potential and develop good habits so that they can contribute towards the progress of the world.

Delhi Public School Nigahi

Delhi Public School has been serving the Society in the field of education for the last 64 years. There are presently as many as 140 Schools under its aegis both in and Outside India.

The growing number of schools under this society signifies how the need to provide meaningful education to a large number of children desirous of growing into educated & liberated human beings has been fulfilled.

Principal's Message

Khalil Gibran a Lebanese American Writer in early 20th century wrote, "When we long for something from the core of our heart the entire Universe conspires to enable us to achieve it." Guru Nanak in the 15th century wrote "Jo Maange Thakur Apne Te Soi Soi Deve. Nanak Dar Mukh Te Jo Bole Chan Uhan Sach Hove"

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