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  Khalil Gibran a Lebanese American Writer in early 20th century wrote, "When we long for something from the core of our heart the entire Universe conspires to enable us to achieve it." Guru Nanak in the 15th century wrote "Jo Maange Thakur Apne Te Soi Soi Deve. Nanak Dar Mukh Te Jo Bole Chan Uhan Sach Hove" (Whatever we seek from the Lord we get it sooner or later).  


Dear Parents, students and staff,

Welcome to the session of 2020-2021.

Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Sir had a dream of seeing India developed by 2020 and becoming a top five economy of the world. We might have not attained as yet what Kalam Sir had dreamt by 2020 but at the same time we are not far from becoming an equal among the top leaders of the world. This has happened, is happening and will happen only when all of us divert our consciousness towards attaining the set goals.

The power of conscious mind is immense and immeasurable "The Secret" of success is to reign our minds and stop it from seeking negative and direct it towards good. Good for both oneself and others. We need to train our mind to always seek good for everyone (Sarbat Da Bhala).

Utmost care is taken to implement at policies of both CBSE and State Board for the benefits of the students and staff.

One single key of (Win, Win) attitude needs to be adopted by all of us for the betterment of the entire world.

Teach and guide your children for being merciful. It is only through mercy that we can come closer to the Lord. Inculcate the quality of forgiveness among your children and thereby help them feel liberated. Keep them away from "greed" for it only leads to "sin" and "anger" for it leads to restlessness and frustration.

Kabir has so rightfully said, "Jahan DAya Taan Dharam, Jahan Lobh Tahaan Paap, Jahan Krodh Tahan Kaal, Jahan Chamma Tahan Aaap."

Every evening I have to get in both my wife's and my cars into the garage. There are two moods in which I can do so. One is to grumble over it and the other is to feel grateful. The choice is purely mine.

I can grumble over the task that under all circumstances and weather conditions I have to come out of the comforts of the house to do the needful. On the other hand I can thank my stars for being blessed to have the opportunity of possessing two cars which I have to park. In the first case I shall be filled with stress and anger. In the second case being in the thankful mode I shall feel humble and happy. The choice is mine to get into whichever mood I want to.

So it is with all the other tasks that we perform. If we take them as burden we shall always grumble and remain in anger and if we take them as an opportunity to serve and feel blessed we shall remain happy and pretty much relaxed.

I am reminded of what Etienne de Grellet had said "

“I shall pass this way but once; any good that I can do or any kindness I can show to any human being; let me do it now. Let me not defer nor neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again.”

Let us all perform our duties to the best and enable our children to become great global citizens.

With your cooperation, assistance of our sponsors NCL Singrauli, guidance of our Board (CBSE), DPS Society, New Delhi and State Board we are bound to do well.

We express our commitment to provide our best and to make your children confident, courageous, committed, consistent and great communicators for their entire lives.

Please go through this Almanac every day and ensure that your child carries it to the school every day.

With warm regards
Sukhwant Singh Thaper, Principal
All Rights Reserved. Copyright 2015 DPS NIgahi.