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  With the great support of our sponsors-Northern Coalfields Ltd., through their visionary leaders, and your moral support, we are bound to continue to meet the expectations that everyone has from DPS Nigahi.


Dear Parents,

Welcome to the session 2007-2008.

“At the core of the emerging dynamics in school education are two fundamental issues:

  • To make the learning process joyful for the child.
  • To energize the teaching learning process by strengthening the connectivity between knowledge, feeling and doing.

Keeping these as the underlining guiding principles we must strive to universalize excellence in every aspect of educational endeavor and nurture and promote creativity and innovation among children”

Dear Parents,

With the above mentioned thoughts of Mr Ashok Ganguly, Chairman, CBSE we welcome you to the session of 2007-08.

There is little doubt in the fact that we are living in the Times when the changes are at the maximum and extremely fast. The word ‘latest’ is losing its power by all means. What comes to us as new today shall get replaced by something better and more dynamic within no time. The rigid mindset of preparing students with the examination in view needs to change. The sooner we all realize that it is very important for the students to acquire life skills in their formative period of life in order to realize their potential, to become entrepreneurial and lead a safe and responsible adult life, the better it will be.

We at DPS are committed to implement new syllabi & text books with constructionist approach and to give greater importance to hands on experience and activity-oriented learning as recommended by the CBSE.

The scheme of continuous & comprehensive evaluation has been the hall mark of all Delhi Public Schools for the past many decades. The importance of the same has been realized and recommended by the CBSE Board for all the Schools under its fold.

DPS Nigahi is venturing into its 9th session. With a humble beginning of 230 students and 8 staff members and Classes uptil V, we have reached a strength of 1300 plus students with 65 staff members and the status of Senior Secondary School by the CBSE has been granted to us uptil 31st March 2011.

The school management has been leaving no stone unturned in ensuring that the suggestions, policies, ideas of CBSE/DPS Society/State Board/NCL management are duly implemented from time to time in order to provide the best to the students entrusted to us. Almost all our staff members have attended, once or more than once, workshops of the top most older related to their subjects conducted by Council of Education Management or other Delhi Public Schools under the aegis of DPS Society & CBSE. This has enabled the teachers to take up the lesson plans with the most modern techniques, The benefit of the same is/shall be passing to the students in the longer run to time.

In the last session we had successfully conducted Remedial/Motivational Classes on working Wednesdays & Fridays from 1:45 pm to 3:00 pm wherein we could focus on the slow learners as well as brighter students. We intend to carry on with the same in the coming session as well. This is to request you to ensure at your end that your ward reaps the benefits of the same and does not waste his/her time in attending coaching classes elsewhere.

In this session of 2007-08 we intend to add yet another feather to our cap by adding up a new subject of Stock & Investments options for Commerce students at +2 levels. We are going to provide Lap Top computers to the teaches at all levels to help them to deliver their lessons in the best possible ways. We shall have more talk shows conducted which would enable us to hear out various suggestions/advises from parents, educationists and the students.

We are reaching out to the moon but forgetting our next door neighbors along with other near and dear ones. Last session we had invited Grand Parents on 1 July 2006. We intend to continue with the trend this year too. This trend of honoring the grant parents will surely go a long way in inculcating stronger bonds among our relatives which is the need of the hour.

With the launching of ‘Sakshat Portal’ by the CBSE Computer Literacy has gained importance by manifolds. We look forward to the Broad Band Connectivity for the school, students and staff, which is being strongly recommended by the Board. Along with regular computer classes we shall keep the computer Labs open in the second half 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM on all working days for enabling the interested students to enhance their computer skills if they so desire.

‘Night sky watching’ shall also be taken up in a planned way wherein children of the school who will be accompanied by their parents will be provided with the opportunity of viewing the craters on moon, rights of Saturn and other heavenly bodies through the telescope.

We may sum up by saying that we have created a very healthy and meaningful teaching learning environment for your child and with the visionary support of the eminent members from the DPS Society we are confident of not only meeting out the expected goals but much more.

We look forward to yours and NCL management’s support for all our future endeavors, the sole target of which is to enhance your child’s overall performance and personality.

Please make a habit of going through this Almanac on regular basis and try to remain in touch with the school as much as possible.

Ensure that in case of a planned leave it is duly sanctioned and in case of any emergency the absence is brought to the notice of the school in time.

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