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  Inspite of few meritorious students leaving the institute after Class X, Class XII students of our school not only excelled in their Board Exams of March 2016 but also did extremely well in their Professional Exams. 21 students of Class XII cleared their first phase of IIT Entrance, out of which 8 students qualified for the second phase. 3 students of Class XII 2016 batch cleared their PMT & 2 students cleared KVPY.  


Dear Parents, students and staff,

Welcome to the session of 2016-2017.

There is a nice saying, you can’t change the fruit without changing the root.

Education should plant healthy roots and not water the branches and leaves. Education is a four step process :

First     : Identifying the potential of the child.

Second : Bringing out as much potential as possible.

Third    : Determining how the skill developed through learning can help the child to stand on its own legs.

Fourth  : Removing the props and support so that the child can face life with confidence and courage.

“It is a pleasure of the bee to gather honey from the flower. And it is the pleasure of the flower to yield honey to the bee. It is the pleasure of the consumer to thank both the bee and the flower.

To the bee, the flower is the fountain of life.

To the flower the bee is the messenger of love.

To the consumer, the honey is the combined effort of the bee and the flower.”

So it is giving and receiving of pleasure that creates the mood and ecstasy. So is the triangle of the child; teacher and parent. Each gets a pleasure by giving and taking which ultimately leads to joy and ecstasy.

As teachers we need to always sharpen our tools by being masters of our subjects and also develop our communication skills and most importantly love our jobs.

With the support of NCL management & guidance of DPS Society we hope for better results in the days to come.

Besides developing the cognitive skills in students we at DPS firmly believe in providing all 21st century skills needed by them to evolve into successful global citizens who can communicate their thoughts and feelings, take the right decision and to take part in a healthy democracy.

If any shortcoming is observed by you, you are requested to communicate the same directly to the subject / class teacher or the undersigned, instead of waiting for any formal meetings or get togethers.

As a parent you are advised to go through the Almanac on regular basis and try to remain in touch with the school as much as possible.

Wishing you and your ward all the best for the session.

With warm regards
Sukhwant Singh Thaper, Principal
All Rights Reserved. Copyright 2015 DPS NIgahi.