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 With the great support of our sponsors-Northern Coalfields Ltd., through their visionary leaders, and your moral support, we are bound to continue to meet the expectations that everyone has from DPS Nigahi. 


Dear Parents,

Welcome to the session 2002-2003.

We are living in an age of knowledge and population explosion. On the basis of our aptitude and needs we are not only supposed to learn to grasp what is relevant for us from the vast knowledge available but also learn ways and means to excel among others. In other words it may be said that we are living in an extremely competitive world.

We at DPS realize the need of the hour and try to provide the best learning atmosphere to your wards. We want to provide to your ward an atmosphere which is congenial and encourages interaction wherein along with his academic growth his overall personality blossoms in the most beautiful way and thereby enable him to spread the fragrance of “learning with understanding” all around. We hope to instill in each child dignity and pride of being a human child.

I may add over here that most of you have proved to be excellent parents for us and we look forward for your similar cooperation in future.

We hope that in these turbulent times God will bless us with good leaders who will bring harmony among the citizens and lead us towards a better living.

We are proud to have persons like Mr. Salman Khurshid, President, DPS Society, Mr Narendra Kumar- Chairman, DPS Society, Mr. Pramod Grover- Chairman, DPS Nigahi & Mr. S.C.Kapoor- Pro Vice-Chairman, DPS Nigahi as our torch bearers whose active involvement and guidance is reason enough for all of us to perform to perfection.

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