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Dear Parents,

Welcome to the session 2011-2012.

“Change is the only constant” is a saying which is becoming more and more common and the good thing is, it is being noticed by more and more number of people. Along with being aware of the changes that are taking place in all areas what is required is to develop skills for its adaptability. For the first time in the history of mankind the generation gap is reducing. We as parents or teachers and our wards or students are being exposed to newer technological advancements simultaneously. Here the scale of our wards or students towards adaptability is undoubtedly heavily tilted in their favour.

Children of those parents and teachers who possess the capability of recognizing their skills, hidden talents and adaptable nature will surely perform better than those whose parents and teachers fail to do so.

There are few very important ‘Dos’ & Don’ts’ which we would like to share with you which we hope shall help us to understand our children better and enable them to become good global citizens.

Introduction of 15 Nos. Smart Classes from this session will prove to be a great milestone in the progress of students and school. The difference which these Smart Classes shall bring about shall surely be felt by one and all.


  • Check your wards bag / books / study table on regular basis.
  • Spend your precious time with your wards.
  • If possible join your ward’s social networking (viz., facebook, orkut etc.) instead of presuming that your ward will not do so at your advise. This way you shall not be hindering your ward from getting tuned to the new world and at the same time you shall be able to monitor his/her behaviour in the net work. If you are not able to do, seek help of a friend or relative who can do so.
  • Encourage your wards to actively participate in school based activities, Intra Class / Inter House competitions. In this regard Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation established by CBSE will enable your child to do well both in scholastic and non-scholastic areas.
  • Meet teachers on regular basis to sort out any difference amicably.


  • Never admit your ward in any coaching institute unless and until you have consulted the school teachers and principal and they have advised you to do so.
  • Coaching institutes are extending their tentacles towards enrolling even class VI students at the pretext of Foundation Courses for NTSE and so on which is extremely alarming. Schools by all means are well equipped for enabling your wards to have a holistic growth. In this regards we have sufficient documentary evidence to prove that these coaching institutes are causing more harm to majority of the students than helping them as they claim to do so.
  • Don’t speak against the school or staff in your ward’s presence lest he / she may become disrespectful towards his/her teachers.

Please make a habit of going through this Almanac on a regular basis and try to remain in touch with the school as much as possible.

Wishing you and your ward all the best for the future.

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