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Dear Parents,

Welcome to the session 2010-2011.

I am tempted to share in these pages with you, the views of the famous futurologists, namely Nostradamus and Alvin Toffler. Among the many famous predictions made by Nostradamus which had come true, one was that if through proper negotiations human beings are able to avoid the third world war, which he had said might take place in 1999-2000, then the human civilization would enter a golden era which would last for more than a thousand years. We are now more than a decade old in the new millennium and I strongly feel that we are into the best, of the times. Alvin Toffler has written in his books “Future Shock” and “The Third Wave” that it took millions of years for the human beings to take the present form which is known as ‘Homo Sapiens’. In the course of human civilization he says, the first wave which brought about a major difference in the way of living was that of the discovery of agricultural process which helped us to grow our own food. Human beings turned to Growers from being gatherers and started leading settled lives. It took more than 40 millions years for the human beings to do this! The second change came in the mid 18th century with Industrialization and this change took only a few thousand years! The third wave which came in was with the invention of Computers and this third change came in only within 150 years or so! Now it is difficult for us to even imagine life without aeroplanes, trains, road transport, water transport system, mobiles, e-mails, e-business, air conditioners, and the like. Is it not amazing! From Gatherers to Growers in millions of years--- to Industrial Revolution in few thousand of years and then to Computer age in about 150 years and further to this, to net life in only a few years of time. We are living in the age of KNOWLEDGE. I would again like to reiterate that we are living in the best of times and further to this, the only direction in which the human civilization can head is that of WISDOM. In future money is not going to be important in our lives, but imbibed values will make the difference. We all need to find ways and means to inculcate values in our students and more importantly in our own selves. We need to lay emphasis on every aspect of our lives to lead a principle centered life for the next generation to emulate. We at DPS Nigahi, are committed to expose the children entrusted to us to learn in an atmosphere of love and trust.

Importance to the Non Scholastic areas in students’ life had always been part of the curriculum of all DPSs and now with the implementation of CCE (Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation) scheme by CBSE it is surely going to bring about a major difference in our perspective towards this.

DPS Society’s continuous endeavour of providing in-service training courses to all the teachers, is playing a vital role in providing the latest pedagogical strategies to them and thus, by doing so, providing the best to the students entrusted to us.

Please make a habit of going through this Almanac on a regular basis and try to remain in touch with the school as much as possible.

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