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  Khalil Gibran a Lebanese American Writer in early 20th century wrote, "When we long for something from the core of our heart the entire Universe conspires to enable us to achieve it." Guru Nanak in the 15th century wrote "Jo Maange Thakur Apne Te Soi Soi Deve. Nanak Dar Mukh Te Jo Bole Chan Uhan Sach Hove" (Whatever we seek from the Lord we get it sooner or later).  


Dear Parents,

Welcome to the session 2023-2024.

On 25th August 2023 our school shall complete 25 years of establishment.

The idea of having a DPS was initiated by Mr. J.P. Singh, Chief General Manager, NCL, Nigahi Project way back in 1996.

The site was visited upon by Mr. Salman Khurshid the then President of DPS Society and Mr. Narendra Kumar the Member Education of DPS Society.

Delhi Public School Nigahi had the privilege of growing under the Chairmanship of ; Justice N.N. Goswamy, Mr. Narendra Kumar, Professor B.P. Khandelwal, Mr. V.K. Shunglu, Dr. (Mrs.) Sharada Nayak, Mr. Pramod Grover and now under Mr. Ravi Vira Gupta.

Pro Vice Chairmanship of Mr. S.C. Kapoor, Mr. M.M. Singh, Mr. A.K. Ghosh, Mr. S.P. Majumdar, Mr. R.K. Sharma, Mr. S.N. Sinha, Mr. Chanchal Goswami, Mr. A.K. Chowdhury, Mr. S.K. Gomasta, Mr. J.P. Dwivedi, and now under Mr. Harsish Duhan.

In this session the school shall be forwarding 23rd batch of Class X and 19th batch of Class XII for the Board Exam.

Many of our students have proved their mettle and are holding good positions. They are into Indian Administrative Services, Judicial Services, Medical, Engineering, Sports, Google, Facebook, Apple, Infosys and have spread throughout the world.

More than 10 of our ex-teachers have become Principals, HMs of various reputed schools like DPS, DAV, ABPS and are doing great there.

Parents have remained a great source of strength for us in our march towards this growth.

As part of DPS Nigahi Board we feel committed towards this nation in general and towards the NCL (Mega Ratna Company) in particular whose children we are mainly catering to.

I feel humbled to heave had the opportunity of being a part of this institute for all these years.

Along with one of the most dedicated, efficient and progressive both teaching and non teaching staff I firmly believe that in the coming years too we shall attain many more milestones and will keep providing the best educational environment to the students entrusted to us.

We are grateful to NCL for upgrading the infrastructure of the school through both renovation and further expansion of the same.

Students of the school are also taken through highly organized Inter School Competitions by HRDC, DPS Society, CBSE & State Board.

Please motivate and guide your wards to participate in Inter House, Intra Class Competitions, Inter School Competitions and other meets organized from time to time by DPS Society, State Education Board because it is through these competitions that holistic development of Body, Mind, Head & Soul takes place.

Let's all perform our duties by keeping the following lines of Stephen Grellet in mind

"I shall pass the way but once; Any good that I can do or any kindness that I can show to any human being; Let me do it now. Let me not defer or neglect it, For I shall not pass this way again."

Please make a habit of checking the Whatsapp group of your wards class group for necessary information provided by the Class & Subject Teacher and also keep going through the Almanac.

I would like to end with the following lines :
God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.

With warm regards
Sukhwant Singh Thaper, Principal
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